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Rok Universal discount code

Rok Universal Discount Code –  Rok
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Rok Information 

Since smoking has been banned from many countries because of its danger on the human’s body, smokers tend to find a not so traditional way of smoking to satisfy their needs to smoke. Rok Universal, one of electronic cigarette provider in the cigarette industry, provides an exceptional products to its customers. Most of e-cigs are tobacco free cigarettes that are battery operated. It is composed of many flavors that basically depends on its consumers taste buds and today you can save with the Rok Universal discount code.

The Rok Universal is a UK electronic cigarette company produces a premium stylish, electronic cigarette, which employs pharmaceutical and micro-technology. It vaporizes and delivers a measured level of nicotine without inhaling any tobacco or toxic materials unlike regular cigarette brand.

They been delivering products all over Europe . Rok sales UK made e-liquids. Their products are all disposable and contains a soft tip, realistic in size, handy, and is certified at 24 cigarette equivalents.

Rok E-cig features

Just like other e cigarette products, Rok e cigarette are designed to be the same as a pack of 20 cigars. It has one rechargeable battery that is 900 mah and delivers enough power to deliver over 160 puffs before it is recharge. It has a blue tip signature in order to distinguish when used in public places.

Smokers always tend to like a tobacco flavored cigarettes, and with that, E Rok producing a tobacco flavor e cigarettes that is composed of 3 times original tobacco cartomizers in its most popular strength of 1.6 percent nicotine. As it defines, E cigarettes are basically rechargeable, thus, E Rok provides a 1 USB super rechargeable lead that powers up its battery faster. They also have easy to follow instructions in its every pack.

Rok e-tips also delivers an equivalent of 35 cigarettes that is of course depending on the smoker’s smoking style. Their e cigarettes products are independently ECQO tested and certified. Rok e-liquids is originally made in United Kingdom, with its very own recipes that delivers best taste towards consumers. It is pharmaceutically proven.

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol and Fruit e liquid
  • Fruit and nut e liquid
  • Sweeter e liquid
  • Seasonal and Dessert e liquid


Rok electronic cigarettes are really a good alternative especially in switching pure tobacco smoke that is dangerous for the health to tobacco flavoured electronic smokes that gives satisfaction in each consumers taste buds. Their products are all pharmaceutically tested. They provides life long batteries and accessories together with its e pack.

They also gives lots of e liquids flavors that will surely satisfy each smokers preferences. They also been offering lots of discounts on every consumers. They offered premium quality that is satisfactory, authentic taste that can be a good alternative in for commercial smoking and a great, classy yet satisfactory value to its consumers.