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Nicolites Voucher-  Nico
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Nicolites Information 

Nicolites is an English company, set up in Birmingham about 6 years prior, which has been relentlessly growing. Interestingly, it has as of late turned into an official accomplice of Birmingham City FC, so you can hope to see their advertising if you take after English football. The most noticeable thing about Nicolites is that their starter unit is extremely fundamental when contrasted with others. Be that as it may, it is likewise shoddy, so this may be suitable for the more cost-cognizant among us. Also today with our Nicolites voucher you can save on your next purchase.

Key Features  

    • Starter Kit Range: £19.95
    • Cartridge Cost: £2.31 each
    • Cartridge Life: Equal to 20 cigarettes
    • Battery Life: 250+ Puffs
    • Charger Options: Wall, USB and Car
    • Discount: N/A
    • Money back assurance: 14 days


For this Review, I purchased the Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, for £19.99, unfortunately then I didn’t have this awesome Nicolites voucher,  which we are providing above.  I would say the cost is reasonable,  however not the least expensive available. It arrives in a little expendable bundle, with no case or box. The unit basically contains:

  • Rechargeable battery x 1
  • Cartomizers x 2
  • USB charger x 1

One thing that amazed me was that the web location is printed down the side of the battery, however it is not the right deliver and leads you to a non-working page, while their genuine page is marginally diverse. I am not certain how this has been missed, but rather was unquestionably something I haven’t experienced some time recently!


I found that the battery life itself was fine – in accordance with other great E-Cigs – yet for me, having a second battery is a gigantic reward, and in the event that I can help it, I regularly go for packs which incorporate two, so you are not left requiring a vape while you are energizing.

Different packs likewise incorporate a divider attachment charger, while with this starter unit, you are somewhat more restricted. You require either to have your computer or tablet convenient, or perhaps charge it in your auto. This unit may suit you in the event that you are frequently around your computer however, or have a more up to date auto with a USB attachment.  Be sure to make use of the Nicolites voucher if its something you are interested in purchasing.


Alright, so something else where Nicolites are somewhat constrained are the flavors, since they just create 3 – tobacco, menthol and cherry. If you like experimenting with new tastes, then consider this before you purchase, yet this won’t be an issue if you are looking predominantly to supplant your tobacco cigarettes. At the cost of the unit, being the same as around 3 packs of ordinary cigarettes nowadays, what you get is sufficient to keep you going for a decent time.

The flavors themselves are entirely however – I attempted the medium-quality tobacco flavor, and it recreated the essence of genuine cigarettes also.

Customer Administration 

Similarly as with alternate brands I have inspected, I needed to test Nicolites’ client administration, so I sent them an email, and it just took a couple of hours for me to get my reaction, which was additionally exceptionally supportive. I can just say from my one involvement with this, I was really fulfilled, with the way Nicolites handles their clients.

Starter Packs 

Nicolites just truly offer the starter unit I have secured in this Review, so it is really clear – if you like the sound of this austere however great quality unit, then it merits having a go – nothing confounded here, and one reason it could be a decent decision to begin is that there is next to no bundling, which means there is almost no in the method for waste if you choose to change to another brand, so it is better for nature which is dependably a reward.


I would prescribe Nicolites if you are totally new to the universe of vaping – they are shoddy, fundamental and exceptionally uncomplicated, while as yet giving you the nuts and bolts that you have to begin vaping. I was somewhat disillusioned by the wrong web address as an afterthought, however I thought the real look of having it printed there was alright.