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Ecigwizard Information 

The manufacture that supplies EcigWizard electronic cigarettes is a Peterborough organization that offers its items all over Europe and the United Kingdom. The items accessible from this organization incorporate tank based and two-piece vaporizers alongside a few others. They also offer more than 70 e-fluid flavors that give a wide cluster of alternatives to look over and with our limited time EcigWizard discount code you can get it even

Considering the way that EcigWizard was established only three years prior, there major in additions are the four starter packs. These incorporate the Vision eGo, the 510, the FreshStart and the Olympian Imist. The least expensive item in this item range is the 510 Starter Bundle that is accessible to purchasers at just £10 cheaper.

Packaging and Design

The main thing you’ll notice about this bundle is that they allow users to adapt by providing food as the different tastes that purchasers have to chose from. This is obvious in the different kinds of e-fluid accessible and the different shades of the vaporizers. You can have a dark or silver vaporizer and one of seventy e-fluid flavors.

The unit comes pressed flawlessly in a little and straightforward black box. This is all that much not at all like most other electronic organizations that commit a great deal of vitality to guaranteeing that their items come in cases that seem sharp and rich. Inside the case, you’ll locate a reasonable and snazzy plastic that houses the substance of this group. The substance incorporate the e-cig tank, the battery and the USB charger.

Flavor and Vapor

With regards to the favors, EcigWizard does not leave a stone unturned. With more than 70 alternatives, they have something for everyone paying little heed to your tastes and inclinations. As though this is insufficient, a great number of these flavors are accessible with different nicotine qualities to guarantee that you get precisely what you require and if you use this EcigWizard discount code you can save on your next batch.

We attempted the pack with two jugs of e-fluid. Each of these jugs contained 10ml of ClearChoice. The first had the fantastic tobacco flavor and nicotine quality of 0.6% while the second one had cherry flavor with nicotine quality of 1.6%.

Battery and Responsiveness

With a tank-based gadget, the FreshStart Starter pack has enough space for a bigger battery that has enough ability to convey enough energy to last normal vapers for an entire day before the requirement for reviving comes up.

However, this implies the battery will require a generally more time to completely charge when contrasted with most other e-cigs. It has been appraised at 900mAh. One pitiful thing about this starter unit is that it doesn’t accompany any type of pointer or cautioning light to demonstrate when the battery is going to run unfilled.

To charge the battery, you should first expel the battery from the gadget by unscrewing it. From that point, you can then simply ahead and connect it onto the accessible USB charger. The flip side of the USB connector goes to a USB power supply.

Another tragic thing about this pack is that the USB link doesn’t accompany its own particular force connector that can fit into the mains power supply. Nonetheless, it can in any case work with any bland connector. To turn the gadget on, you need to push down the battery five times. This proves to be useful on the grounds that it avoids events where the e-cigarette goes on inadvertently.

Customer Service

The organization building has a retail shop, a distribution center and some office space. It’s open from Mondays to Fridays somewhere around 9am and 5pm. Amid this time, clients are allowed to contact the organization for any backing.


When all is said in done, the FreshStart starter unit is a pack that is extremely fetched benevolent at a thing of its cost. It accompanies everything you need for vaping and it’s anything but difficult to make a bargain.