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Gamucci Information 

 Established by Taz and Umer Sheik, Gamucci was dispatched in 2007 to give smokers an option in the midst of the newly actualized UK restriction on tobacco cigarettes. Much like most of the business, the electronic cigarettes sold by Gamucci are produced and engineered in China. Besides, the e-cig company has embraced the well known two-piece electronic cigarette system, comprising exclusively of a battery and cartomizer. Save today with the Gamucci discount code!

Much like most of the e-cigarette industry, Gamucci offers a plenitude of flavor and nicotine alternatives. Flavors include: menthol, unique, apple, cherry, cola, espresso, grape and vanilla. An aggregate of 5 nicotine choices are accessible for the first tobacco flavor and range from 22-0mg nicotine. Two rechargeable starter kits are accessible that change drastically in both value and features. The all the more expensive of the two is the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit, which incorporates all things required for a new e-cig client to begin. With a business sector cost of £49.99, this kit incorporates:
(2) rechargeable batteries,
(1) USB battery charger,
(1) mains connector,
(1) European plug,
(1) convey case and
(4) cartomisers.

Battery Performance

Deluxe Starter Kit accompanies two batteries. They’re totally charged so you can use them right away from the container. Every battery has a point of confinement of 240 mAh, and they’re said to have a presence time of around 300+ puffs, taking after a week of testing, amazingly attractive, doesn’t keep going that long, however like other fighting brands.

Battery life will obviously depend on upon your smoking case, yet due to how the Gamucci e-cigarette is intended to look like a certified tobacco cigarette, capacity of it is essentially compelled. For example, a totally charged battery can go you for around a substantial portion of a day, which as I might want to believe is completely sensible.


Gamucci did well on cartridge and battery combo, they prime well and vapor era is tasteful. I would not say the best I have used, on the other hand I most likely seen abundance more awful. The vapor gets passed on reliably, and to me, that is the thing that specifically differentiates an average electronic cigarette from a baffling one.

The batteries flame up when you take in, and cartridge quality was not half horrendous either. They’ve grown a greater determination of flavors, remembering I didn’t endeavor various to judge, various took after your standard wonderful top choices.


Gamucci offers a pleasant arrangement of flavors; Apple, Cherry, Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cola, Coffee, Grape. Flavor is generally an individual choice to make, endeavor them and see what fits you best.

Beside Menthol and Tobacco, each other flavor is available with 1.6% nicotine quality. Menthol is open in 2 qualities, 1.6% and 2.2%, and Tobacco comes in each of the five nicotine qualities.

The flavor that accompanies Micro Deluxe Starter pack is the brand’s Regular Tobacco Flavor, which has nicotine quality of 16 mg-1.6%.


Gamucci is not a common name to many, and being in North America, you didn’t see them available all over, yet I quickly began spotting them on racks as time passed, so I masterminded the pack. I wouldn’t say they forgot about my socks, in any case I was sincerely expecting a lesser-quality e-cigarette than what I got. The vapor transport is on point and reliable, something that is not found with every e-cigarette/cartridge standard gadgets. I can’t say the same for the Vitesse Ego, however do expect a future overview.