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Viper Vape Coupon


Viper Vape Information 

Vape happens to be a very reputable dealer of vaping devices as well as the assortment of accessories that come hand in hand with them in the vaping experience. When it comes to its legitimacy, this firm is fully accredited by the better business bureau (BBB). This definitely means you can totally rest assured that it takes its business operations very seriously. Which in its turn means that it usually goes out of its way to fully provide a top notch customer service that is unparalleled. This company is highly noted for offering top quality vaping devices and the indispensable accessories that are used with them. It makes it a point to source the wide collection of vaping products it sells to its clients, from only the most reputable and popular brands in this given industry.

As such, Viper Vape has gone to great lengths to make sure that it can comprehensively cater for both newbies vapers along with the much more experienced vapers. Wherever you fall in these two categories, you can always be in an excellent position of obtaining the vaping products, which match your distinct tastes and preferences. Well, with that fully understood, let us now take a brief review of some notable products that this one of a kind company has to offer.

This vaping devices and accessories dealer makes it a point to provide its customers with the very best varieties of e-liquid flavors that are currently to be had in the market. Some of the finest brands which it markets and sells include Clever Vape, Caterpillar, 4 Seasonz Elixir among many other top brands in this business. As we speak, this firm now offers five different flavors from Five Pawns, all of which come in 30 ml bottles. Two of the most remarkable include the celebrated Absolute Pin and Queenside. On the other hand, this vaping device dealer also stocks seven different e-liquids flavors from Caterpillar, which come in 15 ml bottles. At the same time, it also offers four different varieties of Clever Vape e-juice. As you can evidently see, by opting for the services of this company you will be presented with a wide variety of options when it comes to the e-liquids you can access. To make things ever better, Viper Vape also provides a handy platform where its clients can mix and match e-juice flavors in strict accordance to their tastes and inclinations.

Mods, eGo starters and tanks

This company also stocks a relatively large selection of electronic and mechanical mods, that it also sources from the top brands in this business. This includes Atmizoo Rollers and Dingo from which you can conveniently settle for the one that spark your fancy. Additionally, it offer a wide range of atomizers from brands such as Octopus, iGo, Aya, Agi to mention but a few. It also stocks different Joyetech products, which include eVic and eGo C Twist. Finally, this firm also provides an assortment of tanks from brands such as Kanger, Mimi Davide, Vape Affinity and Vivi Nova.

How does Viper Vape sell its various products?

Viper Vape has not put in place an online sales website. However, you can still purchase its vaping products from them via email or taking the necessary time to contact them on the phone.