V2 Cigs Starter Kits Review

If you are new to e cig smoking or the V2 brand, this V2 Cigs starter kits review will give you the insight as to which options are right for you, when you are making the first order through V2. The company offers various kits you can choose to get started.

Power cig kit – comes with 1 power cig, 5 cartridges, and the universal adapter. You can plug it into the computer, car, wall, or any other outlet, and when fully charged, can smoke anywhere.

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v2 cigs review

The beginners kit

Includes 1 battery, 1 disposable e cig, 1 charger, the manual, and 6 flavor cartridges so you can try the different blends.

V2 standard kit

This kit includes 2 batteries, 1 wall adapter, 1 smart charger, and it includes 10 e liquid flavors for your enjoyment.

V2 standard plus kit

Wit this kit, you will receive 2 batteries, the wall adapter, smart charger, and carrying case. You will also receive 10 cartridges, and the user manual to get you started with the vaping experience.

Couples kit

If you are trying to quit as a couple, or if you would like to try out the V2 brand with a friend, the starter kit is the ideal solution for you to turn to when ordering a starter kit. It comes with: 4 batteries, 2 wall adapters and 2 smart chargers, 20 flavor cartridges, and it also includes 2 manuals, so that each person can receive their own with the order.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit

The final option is the ultimate kit. Included with this order, customers are going to receive: 3 batteries, a wall adapter, a smart charger, and a car adapter. The XL carrying case is included in the order, 1 power cig, a metal carrying case, and the lanyard is also included in the order. Customers will receive 25 flavor cartridges with the order, and the manual for use is also included with the kit.

V2 Disposables

For those who are not sure they want to commit to V2, the disposable e cigs are the way to go.

With 3, 5, and 10 pack options, you can try the e cig, the flavor, and you can try the different nicotine blends, to determine which one is the best option for you, and whether or not you are going to continue to use the e cigs. After the cartridge is empty, you will not recharge the battery; it is simply a one and done product, and you will dispose of the e cig once the liquid is finished in the cartridge.

Of course the ultimate kit is ideal for those who want everything in one pack; but, if you are just trying out the new brand, the beginner kit will also work.

v2 cigs pro

Depending on how much you want to spend, and what accessories are the most important to you, and which accessories you are going to use, each consumer will choose something different. With V2, you have a number of options that you can purchase, when you are looking to experience the quality of V2, and what the brand has to offer to you as a new e cig user.