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Viper Vape Coupon


Viper Vape Information 

Vape happens to be a very reputable dealer of vaping devices as well as the assortment of accessories that come hand in hand with them in the vaping experience. When it comes to its legitimacy, this firm is fully accredited by the better business bureau (BBB). This definitely means you can totally rest assured that it takes its business operations very seriously. Which in its turn means that it usually goes out of its way to fully provide a top notch customer service that is unparalleled. This company is highly noted for offering top quality vaping devices and the indispensable accessories that are used with them. It makes it a point to source the wide collection of vaping products it sells to its clients, from only the most reputable and popular brands in this given industry.

As such, Viper Vape has gone to great lengths to make sure that it can comprehensively cater for both newbies vapers along with the much more experienced vapers. Wherever you fall in these two categories, you can always be in an excellent position of obtaining the vaping products, which match your distinct tastes and preferences. Well, with that fully understood, let us now take a brief review of some notable products that this one of a kind company has to offer.

This vaping devices and accessories dealer makes it a point to provide its customers with the very best varieties of e-liquid flavors that are currently to be had in the market. Some of the finest brands which it markets and sells include Clever Vape, Caterpillar, 4 Seasonz Elixir among many other top brands in this business. As we speak, this firm now offers five different flavors from Five Pawns, all of which come in 30 ml bottles. Two of the most remarkable include the celebrated Absolute Pin and Queenside. On the other hand, this vaping device dealer also stocks seven different e-liquids flavors from Caterpillar, which come in 15 ml bottles. At the same time, it also offers four different varieties of Clever Vape e-juice. As you can evidently see, by opting for the services of this company you will be presented with a wide variety of options when it comes to the e-liquids you can access. To make things ever better, Viper Vape also provides a handy platform where its clients can mix and match e-juice flavors in strict accordance to their tastes and inclinations.

Mods, eGo starters and tanks

This company also stocks a relatively large selection of electronic and mechanical mods, that it also sources from the top brands in this business. This includes Atmizoo Rollers and Dingo from which you can conveniently settle for the one that spark your fancy. Additionally, it offer a wide range of atomizers from brands such as Octopus, iGo, Aya, Agi to mention but a few. It also stocks different Joyetech products, which include eVic and eGo C Twist. Finally, this firm also provides an assortment of tanks from brands such as Kanger, Mimi Davide, Vape Affinity and Vivi Nova.

How does Viper Vape sell its various products?

Viper Vape has not put in place an online sales website. However, you can still purchase its vaping products from them via email or taking the necessary time to contact them on the phone.

Green Smoke Starter Kit Review

This Green Smoke starter kits review will focus on the option that new e cig smokers have, when they are trying out the Green Smoke product line. Each kit has different accessories, so depending on what you are willing to spend, and what you want to order, there are several product lines you can order.

10 cartomizers, along with 3 batteries, 1 power cig, 2 USB chargers, 1 wall and 1 car adapter, and a carrying case are included with this product.

Customers get, 10 cartomizers, 2 batteries, 1 power cig, 1 USB, 1 wall, and 1 car adapter charger. Customers will also receive the carrying case with their order.


1 battery is included in this order. Additionally, 5 cartomizers, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, 1 power cig, and the carrying case is also included with this order.

For individuals who want a partner to help them quit, this is the perfect solution for you to consider when ordering the starter kit of choice. In addition to the 20 flavor cartomizers, you are also going to receive 4 batteries, 2 power cigs, 2 wall chargers, 2 USB chargers, 2 car adapters, and 2 carrying cases for each individual who will be using the e cigs.

This product includes the essentials you will need to get started with the e cigs. 1 battery, 2 cartomizers, and 1 USB charger is included with this kit.

If you simply want to try the Green Smoke brand, the disposable is perfect for you to try out. It is an e cig you will only use until the flavor runs dry, then dispose of it. This allows you to feel, and try the different flavors that are available in the e cig line.

Each of the kits that you order will come with one manual, and in the love bird kit, you are going to receive 2 manuals with the order that you place. Additionally, each of the new starter kits that you do order, will also come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. IF you are not happy with the product, for any reason, you can simply send it back for a full refund, and the company will pay for the return shipping when you send it back. A lifetime warranty is also included with every starter kit that you order.

This covers the adapters and the chargers, as well as the electric component on the battery that you receive with the order. The cartomizers, cases, and other accessories are not going to be covered under the same warranty with this order.
When you are just trying out a new product, you want to see if it is the right fit for you, and want to have all you need to fully experience the new product. With each of these e cig starter kits, you are going to have just that. So, you will learn how to use the e cig, and can try the different flavor blends, to determine whether or not you enjoy the Green Smoke brand, and the features of the product you order.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits Review

If you are new to e cig smoking or the V2 brand, this V2 Cigs starter kits review will give you the insight as to which options are right for you, when you are making the first order through V2. The company offers various kits you can choose to get started.

Power cig kit – comes with 1 power cig, 5 cartridges, and the universal adapter. You can plug it into the computer, car, wall, or any other outlet, and when fully charged, can smoke anywhere.

Check out the latest V2 Cigs coupon code to save 15% on starter kits.

v2 cigs review

The beginners kit

Includes 1 battery, 1 disposable e cig, 1 charger, the manual, and 6 flavor cartridges so you can try the different blends.

V2 standard kit

This kit includes 2 batteries, 1 wall adapter, 1 smart charger, and it includes 10 e liquid flavors for your enjoyment.

V2 standard plus kit

Wit this kit, you will receive 2 batteries, the wall adapter, smart charger, and carrying case. You will also receive 10 cartridges, and the user manual to get you started with the vaping experience.

Couples kit

If you are trying to quit as a couple, or if you would like to try out the V2 brand with a friend, the starter kit is the ideal solution for you to turn to when ordering a starter kit. It comes with: 4 batteries, 2 wall adapters and 2 smart chargers, 20 flavor cartridges, and it also includes 2 manuals, so that each person can receive their own with the order.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit

The final option is the ultimate kit. Included with this order, customers are going to receive: 3 batteries, a wall adapter, a smart charger, and a car adapter. The XL carrying case is included in the order, 1 power cig, a metal carrying case, and the lanyard is also included in the order. Customers will receive 25 flavor cartridges with the order, and the manual for use is also included with the kit.

V2 Disposables

For those who are not sure they want to commit to V2, the disposable e cigs are the way to go.

With 3, 5, and 10 pack options, you can try the e cig, the flavor, and you can try the different nicotine blends, to determine which one is the best option for you, and whether or not you are going to continue to use the e cigs. After the cartridge is empty, you will not recharge the battery; it is simply a one and done product, and you will dispose of the e cig once the liquid is finished in the cartridge.

Of course the ultimate kit is ideal for those who want everything in one pack; but, if you are just trying out the new brand, the beginner kit will also work.

v2 cigs pro

Depending on how much you want to spend, and what accessories are the most important to you, and which accessories you are going to use, each consumer will choose something different. With V2, you have a number of options that you can purchase, when you are looking to experience the quality of V2, and what the brand has to offer to you as a new e cig user.

JacVapour Coupon

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JacVapour coupon

JacVapour Coupon Code –  JAC
Limited Time OfferJacVapour Coupon

JacVapour Information 

If you are thinking of high-end e-cig that is simple and easy-to-use, then JacVapour is a better option. This company started in 2010 has revolutionized the entire industry with their products.

It does not matter whether you are beginner or seasoned you will always get something that will best meet your unique needs. If you have been thinking of quitting smoking, look no further.

JacVapour 510 Starter Kit

It is with JackVapor you get easy-to-use products that are quite sleek in nature. You will always enjoy the following benefits too;

  • 2 long lasting batteries included in the kit
  • Exceptional vapor production
  • Articulately designed carry case
  • eGo threading
  • 510 compatibility and gold ring

The JacVapour 510 starter kit includes batteries that come in different ranges and sizes, Evod 2 cartomizer, USB charger, and a well-designed carry case.

You can always choose the 400 mAh-capacity version or opt for the higher 650mAh, 900mAh or go for the 900 mAh. It is all a matter of likes and preference. The batteries are available in 3 colors and these are stainless steel, white and black.

It is important to have in mind that the batteries are quite compatible with any eGO style threaded clamorizers. In all cases, the battery life is dependent on capacity and how much a user vapes.

Key Facts

The best thing is that JacVapour comes with a spare atomizer head and this is always a plus just in case something goes wrong. The Evod Cleamorizer works exceptionally well with the battery providing unmatched aesthetic value.

Furthermore, the smallest capacity 400mAh can do well over 4hrs and charges quite fast. As a matter of fact, these products are quite reliable, dependable for day-to-day use, and are known to be high performers.

It is quite easy to refill the clearomizer and what you need to do is to unscrew the bottom after inverting it and pour the e-liquid. All in all, it’s a product that will meet the needs of new and well as the seasoned vapers.

Totally Wicked Discount Code

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Totally Wicked discount code

Totally Wicked Voucher Code –  TLW
Limited Time OfferTotally Wicked discount code

Totally Wicked Information 

Totally Wicked is not just an electronic cigarette, but a complete electronic cigarette store. Unlike other establishments which just makes claims, Totally Wicked offers everything from complete kits to top shelf liquids including your own variant mix without having to break the bank.

Totally Wicked’s mascot is a sly-looking red devil wearing shades and vaping an e-cig, giving the e-cig a cool vote. The slick style exists from the Tornado mini to the Tornado V3 and though they don’t have a huge stock of starter kits and accessories, it’s adequately stocked. There’s also a wide range of disposables and cigars to choose from.

Top rated e-liquid

As the company’s been around since 2008, they have an idea of what goes on in the industry. They take pride in their e-liquids and their quality and this is where they make their mark. Totally Wicked also caters to those who prefer mixing their own juices.

Totally Wicked’s selection contains a top shelf Red Label house brand, organic juices, and other brands. Totally Wicked provides various mixing tools and accessories, mix kits and guides for beginners and tips for professionals for those who want to mix their own juices. No matter if it’s your first or 100th attempt at mixing, you’ll find what you want here.

Totally Wicked’s focus is their e-liquid which is second to no one. The juices are great, as their Patriot Range and Titan Fluid which make even a sub-par e-cig taste like a quality piece. This proves the power of the brand.

Beginners tend to linger on the starter kits for a while and gains some experience to naturally progress to the next level. This is when they decide if they should try something new or stick to a starter kit style of an advanced model. Whatever they choose, they have everything they need at Totally Wicked.

Conclusively, Totally Wicked is the most complete e-cigarette and e-liquid suppliers on the internet. So although you can go anywhere for your e-cig needs, it’s wiser and cheaper to choose here using the Totally Wicked promo code.

They have everything you need; even if you run out or liquid or need a new tank or cartomizer, they have it. Not only does your order quickly reach you, they also offer are variety of promotional deals, Totally Wicked voucher codes and package free juices with some large orders.

Liberty Flights Coupon

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Liberty Flights Coupon


Liberty Flights Coupon Code  –  LBF
Limited Time OfferLiberty Flights coupon

Liberty Flights Information 

Liberty Flights was introduced in what’s generally considered the initial decade of electronic cigarettes. Centered out of Darwen, the company has experienced immense growth alongside that of the electric smoke industry as a whole. Liberty Flights’ product selection addresses models from starter sets and e-liquids to improvements permitting optimization based on specific users needs.

Over 30 flavors of e-liquids are available from Liberty Flights with various nicotine strengths. Flavors encompass traditional cigarette and menthol to more experimental flavors such as energy stop and green tea. The broad choice of flavors provides customers the possibility of switching e-liquids each time they grow tired of a particular flavor.

While Liberty Flights presents numerous electric smoke starter sets, this evaluation can give focus on the CE4 EGO V2 Combined Beginning Set as it’s effectively within almost all e-cig users budgets. Marketed at £44.99, the Liberty Routes CE4 EGO V2 Combined Beginning contains (2) clearomizers, (1) 5ml e-liquid, (2) manual eGo regular batteries, (1) take the case and (1) USB charge cable. In relation to flavor, customers get the possibility in menthol or traditional cigarette flavors for sale in 18mg strengths. Consumers may also select from dark or steel batteries. Let’s further explore what the CE4 Perspective EGO Dual Kit must offer.

A stylish dark case houses the articles of the Liberty Flights CE4 Perspective EGO Combined Starter. Prying start the dark package shows everything included. The involved carrying case could and may consistently be mistaken for decreased brand eyeglass case. I found this to be great thinking about the bad stigma related to carrying about such a thing resembling a smoke pack. The involved clearomizers looked really typical with this charge selection though the manual batteries had decreased sense to them. If you choose the applied steel batteries, you will see that the Liberty Journey electric smoke seems great once assembled with opera accents.

Despite providing over 30 e-liquids flavors, customers considering Liberty FlightsVision Pride double starter set are restricted to selecting between cigarette and menthol. The only real nicotine energy available with this specific electric smoke equipment is 1.8%. To work with Liberty Flights e-cigarette, the involved e-liquid should first be included drop-wise to the clearomizer tank. Then attachment of the battery to the clearomizer completes the assembly.

Because of the reality the CE4 EGO V2 Combined Beginning contains an information battery, somebody should push down on the single switch to ensure vapor production while vaping. Customers overwhelming suggest trying their cigarette e-liquid first because it’s significantly as much  as  a normal cigarette. Overall, the Liberty Routes eGo starter is sufficient in terms of both flavor and performance.

Recharging of the batteries is achieved by screwing the battery into the involved USB charge wire and straight into an electric source. Liberty Flights easily guarantees their batteries for a period of 28-days. Nevertheless, PCCs are seldom when noticed in electric smoke methods that utilize clearomizers. Many customers will see that the two involved batteries can easily keep these things running through their day.

Items obtained right from the Liberty Flights site are covered under a 14-day guarantee restricted to flawed products. That leaves customers who’re disappointed with Liberty Flights e-cigarettes in effectively working obtain without legitimate recourse. Also, the guarantee will not be honored on products that have been incorrectly preserved or tampered with.

Liberty Flights CE4 EGO V2 Combined Set contains two regular lithium-ion batteries scored at 650mAh. I strongly recommend paying the several undesired weight for the double equipment because having two batteries grants you the ability to vape through the day without an electric source. The eGo regular batteries from Liberty flights feature a 5-click on/ down mechanism. Like all manual batteries, customers are in charge of pressing down on the switch to supply capacity to the clearomizer, which produces the vapor.

Liberty Flights was introduced in 2009 and is a provider of economical electric cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids, and accessories. The company’s site also features particular change components built to optimize electric cigarettes based on personal preferences. Liberty Flight’s main UK headquarters is in Darwen with additional retail locations in Stockport, Rawtenstall, Leigh and the soon-to-be-opened Clitheroe shop. Liberty Routes customer service could possibly be obtained via their support ticket program, email, and over-the-phone.

V2 Cigs Coupon Code

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V2 Cigs coupon code

V2 Cigs Coupon Code  –  V2C
Limited Time OfferV2 Cigs coupon

V2 Cigs Information 

V2 cigs are considered to be one of the best e-cigarettes in the world due to the fact that they really provide quality experiences when it comes to vapor production.

The V2 cigs are tailor made to provide good lengths and styles of vaping, it also comes with reliable V2 batteries as well as power switches.

Users are given a variety to choose from, they can explore the full menu of robust electronic cigarettes and liquid flavors of V2 cigs, and they can also view the V2 selection of selected vaping accessories to upgrade the total experience.

The manufacturers of V2 both offer pre-filled as well as blank cartridges, they are also offering the V2 Pro vape pen liquid cartridge as well as the sought after V2 EX blank that also comes with a choice of V2 Platinum E-liquid.

In order to make the selection easier, the creators of V2 have also included a downloadable list of ingredients that users can choose from, there is a unique set of batch reports from which clients can choose from.

The nicotine strength can also be selected according to the desired dosage of the user, it will depend on the lifestyle that they are having.

V2 Cigs is able to retain their spot in the global competition; they continue to be a world leader due to quality accessories that are included in the experience. They maintain one million satisfied customers and continue to amass more following; there are thousands of unique website visits on their page per month.

The one of kind captured flavors continue to draw clients, there are ten well executed flavors that have already been made available to clients, but there are also three limited edition flavors in the form of tobacco replications like Cherry, Coffee as well as Menthol.

Vape lovers who are looking into getting a discount when it comes to V2 cigs products can just go to websites that are offering V2 Cigs promo codes. The promo codes can be claimed by going to

Clients must click the e-cigarette starter kit of choice, select the buy now option, select the flavor of the cartridge as well as the desired strength of the nicotine and then add it to the cart. In order to get discounts they can place the promo code at the coupon box located on the right then proceed to check out.

Coupons from Similar Brands:

While V2 Cigs makes one of the best e-cigs worldwide, some vapers may prefer to go after other type of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Vaping is very personal so it’s good to keep searching until you find the best product. In addition to V2 Cigs, here are some other brands that we recommend for new vapers:

White Cloud E-Cig: White Cloud E-Cig has been manufacturing e-cigs since 2010 and they have a wide variety of e-cigs and cartridges to choose from. One of the best features of White Cloud Cigarettes is their battery life and durability of e-cigs. For the prices they offer, they’re definitely on the top 10 list of any vaper. Check out the White Cloud E-Cig coupon for 50% off discount starter kits during their limited time holiday promotion.

Rok Universal Discount Code

Save An Extra 20% Off Your Next E-cigarette or E-liquid Purchase!

Rok Universal discount code

Rok Universal Discount Code –  Rok
Limited Time OfferRok Universal coupon code

Rok Information 

Since smoking has been banned from many countries because of its danger on the human’s body, smokers tend to find a not so traditional way of smoking to satisfy their needs to smoke. Rok Universal, one of electronic cigarette provider in the cigarette industry, provides an exceptional products to its customers. Most of e-cigs are tobacco free cigarettes that are battery operated. It is composed of many flavors that basically depends on its consumers taste buds and today you can save with the Rok Universal discount code.

The Rok Universal is a UK electronic cigarette company produces a premium stylish, electronic cigarette, which employs pharmaceutical and micro-technology. It vaporizes and delivers a measured level of nicotine without inhaling any tobacco or toxic materials unlike regular cigarette brand.

They been delivering products all over Europe . Rok sales UK made e-liquids. Their products are all disposable and contains a soft tip, realistic in size, handy, and is certified at 24 cigarette equivalents.

Rok E-cig features

Just like other e cigarette products, Rok e cigarette are designed to be the same as a pack of 20 cigars. It has one rechargeable battery that is 900 mah and delivers enough power to deliver over 160 puffs before it is recharge. It has a blue tip signature in order to distinguish when used in public places.

Smokers always tend to like a tobacco flavored cigarettes, and with that, E Rok producing a tobacco flavor e cigarettes that is composed of 3 times original tobacco cartomizers in its most popular strength of 1.6 percent nicotine. As it defines, E cigarettes are basically rechargeable, thus, E Rok provides a 1 USB super rechargeable lead that powers up its battery faster. They also have easy to follow instructions in its every pack.

Rok e-tips also delivers an equivalent of 35 cigarettes that is of course depending on the smoker’s smoking style. Their e cigarettes products are independently ECQO tested and certified. Rok e-liquids is originally made in United Kingdom, with its very own recipes that delivers best taste towards consumers. It is pharmaceutically proven.

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol and Fruit e liquid
  • Fruit and nut e liquid
  • Sweeter e liquid
  • Seasonal and Dessert e liquid


Rok electronic cigarettes are really a good alternative especially in switching pure tobacco smoke that is dangerous for the health to tobacco flavoured electronic smokes that gives satisfaction in each consumers taste buds. Their products are all pharmaceutically tested. They provides life long batteries and accessories together with its e pack.

They also gives lots of e liquids flavors that will surely satisfy each smokers preferences. They also been offering lots of discounts on every consumers. They offered premium quality that is satisfactory, authentic taste that can be a good alternative in for commercial smoking and a great, classy yet satisfactory value to its consumers.

Nicolites Voucher

Save An Extra 20% Off Your Next E-cigarette or E-liquid Purchase!

Nicolites voucher

Nicolites Voucher-  Nico
Limited Time OfferNicolites coupon code

Nicolites Information 

Nicolites is an English company, set up in Birmingham about 6 years prior, which has been relentlessly growing. Interestingly, it has as of late turned into an official accomplice of Birmingham City FC, so you can hope to see their advertising if you take after English football. The most noticeable thing about Nicolites is that their starter unit is extremely fundamental when contrasted with others. Be that as it may, it is likewise shoddy, so this may be suitable for the more cost-cognizant among us. Also today with our Nicolites voucher you can save on your next purchase.

Key Features  

    • Starter Kit Range: £19.95
    • Cartridge Cost: £2.31 each
    • Cartridge Life: Equal to 20 cigarettes
    • Battery Life: 250+ Puffs
    • Charger Options: Wall, USB and Car
    • Discount: N/A
    • Money back assurance: 14 days


For this Review, I purchased the Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, for £19.99, unfortunately then I didn’t have this awesome Nicolites voucher,  which we are providing above.  I would say the cost is reasonable,  however not the least expensive available. It arrives in a little expendable bundle, with no case or box. The unit basically contains:

  • Rechargeable battery x 1
  • Cartomizers x 2
  • USB charger x 1

One thing that amazed me was that the web location is printed down the side of the battery, however it is not the right deliver and leads you to a non-working page, while their genuine page is marginally diverse. I am not certain how this has been missed, but rather was unquestionably something I haven’t experienced some time recently!


I found that the battery life itself was fine – in accordance with other great E-Cigs – yet for me, having a second battery is a gigantic reward, and in the event that I can help it, I regularly go for packs which incorporate two, so you are not left requiring a vape while you are energizing.

Different packs likewise incorporate a divider attachment charger, while with this starter unit, you are somewhat more restricted. You require either to have your computer or tablet convenient, or perhaps charge it in your auto. This unit may suit you in the event that you are frequently around your computer however, or have a more up to date auto with a USB attachment.  Be sure to make use of the Nicolites voucher if its something you are interested in purchasing.


Alright, so something else where Nicolites are somewhat constrained are the flavors, since they just create 3 – tobacco, menthol and cherry. If you like experimenting with new tastes, then consider this before you purchase, yet this won’t be an issue if you are looking predominantly to supplant your tobacco cigarettes. At the cost of the unit, being the same as around 3 packs of ordinary cigarettes nowadays, what you get is sufficient to keep you going for a decent time.

The flavors themselves are entirely however – I attempted the medium-quality tobacco flavor, and it recreated the essence of genuine cigarettes also.

Customer Administration 

Similarly as with alternate brands I have inspected, I needed to test Nicolites’ client administration, so I sent them an email, and it just took a couple of hours for me to get my reaction, which was additionally exceptionally supportive. I can just say from my one involvement with this, I was really fulfilled, with the way Nicolites handles their clients.

Starter Packs 

Nicolites just truly offer the starter unit I have secured in this Review, so it is really clear – if you like the sound of this austere however great quality unit, then it merits having a go – nothing confounded here, and one reason it could be a decent decision to begin is that there is next to no bundling, which means there is almost no in the method for waste if you choose to change to another brand, so it is better for nature which is dependably a reward.


I would prescribe Nicolites if you are totally new to the universe of vaping – they are shoddy, fundamental and exceptionally uncomplicated, while as yet giving you the nuts and bolts that you have to begin vaping. I was somewhat disillusioned by the wrong web address as an afterthought, however I thought the real look of having it printed there was alright.

Ecigwizard Discount Code

Save An Extra 20% Off Your Next E-cigarette or E-liquid Purchase!

ecigwizard discount code

Ecigwizard Discount Code-  WIZ
Limited Time OfferEcigWizard coupon code

Ecigwizard Information 

The manufacture that supplies EcigWizard electronic cigarettes is a Peterborough organization that offers its items all over Europe and the United Kingdom. The items accessible from this organization incorporate tank based and two-piece vaporizers alongside a few others. They also offer more than 70 e-fluid flavors that give a wide cluster of alternatives to look over and with our limited time EcigWizard discount code you can get it even

Considering the way that EcigWizard was established only three years prior, there major in additions are the four starter packs. These incorporate the Vision eGo, the 510, the FreshStart and the Olympian Imist. The least expensive item in this item range is the 510 Starter Bundle that is accessible to purchasers at just £10 cheaper.

Packaging and Design

The main thing you’ll notice about this bundle is that they allow users to adapt by providing food as the different tastes that purchasers have to chose from. This is obvious in the different kinds of e-fluid accessible and the different shades of the vaporizers. You can have a dark or silver vaporizer and one of seventy e-fluid flavors.

The unit comes pressed flawlessly in a little and straightforward black box. This is all that much not at all like most other electronic organizations that commit a great deal of vitality to guaranteeing that their items come in cases that seem sharp and rich. Inside the case, you’ll locate a reasonable and snazzy plastic that houses the substance of this group. The substance incorporate the e-cig tank, the battery and the USB charger.

Flavor and Vapor

With regards to the favors, EcigWizard does not leave a stone unturned. With more than 70 alternatives, they have something for everyone paying little heed to your tastes and inclinations. As though this is insufficient, a great number of these flavors are accessible with different nicotine qualities to guarantee that you get precisely what you require and if you use this EcigWizard discount code you can save on your next batch.

We attempted the pack with two jugs of e-fluid. Each of these jugs contained 10ml of ClearChoice. The first had the fantastic tobacco flavor and nicotine quality of 0.6% while the second one had cherry flavor with nicotine quality of 1.6%.

Battery and Responsiveness

With a tank-based gadget, the FreshStart Starter pack has enough space for a bigger battery that has enough ability to convey enough energy to last normal vapers for an entire day before the requirement for reviving comes up.

However, this implies the battery will require a generally more time to completely charge when contrasted with most other e-cigs. It has been appraised at 900mAh. One pitiful thing about this starter unit is that it doesn’t accompany any type of pointer or cautioning light to demonstrate when the battery is going to run unfilled.

To charge the battery, you should first expel the battery from the gadget by unscrewing it. From that point, you can then simply ahead and connect it onto the accessible USB charger. The flip side of the USB connector goes to a USB power supply.

Another tragic thing about this pack is that the USB link doesn’t accompany its own particular force connector that can fit into the mains power supply. Nonetheless, it can in any case work with any bland connector. To turn the gadget on, you need to push down the battery five times. This proves to be useful on the grounds that it avoids events where the e-cigarette goes on inadvertently.

Customer Service

The organization building has a retail shop, a distribution center and some office space. It’s open from Mondays to Fridays somewhere around 9am and 5pm. Amid this time, clients are allowed to contact the organization for any backing.


When all is said in done, the FreshStart starter unit is a pack that is extremely fetched benevolent at a thing of its cost. It accompanies everything you need for vaping and it’s anything but difficult to make a bargain.

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