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Rok Universal discount code


Rok Universal Discount Code-  Rok
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Rok Information 

Since smoking has been banned from many countries because of its danger on the human’s body, smokers tend to find a not so traditional way of smoking to satisfy their needs to smoke. Rok Universal, one of electronic cigarette provider in the cigarette industry, provides an exceptional products to its customers. Most of e-cigs are tobacco free cigarettes that are battery operated. It is composed of many flavors that basically depends on its consumers taste buds.

The Rok Universal is a UK electronic cigarette company produces a premium stylish, electronic cigarette, which employs pharmaceutical and micro-technology. It vaporizes and delivers a measured level of nicotine without inhaling any tobacco or toxic materials unlike regular cigarette brand.

They been delivering products all over Europe . Rok sales UK made e-liquids. Their products are all disposable and contains a soft tip, realistic in size, handy, and is certified at 24 cigarette equivalents.

Rok E-cig features

Just like other e cigarette products, Rok e cigarette are designed to be the same as a pack of 20 cigars. It has one rechargeable battery that is 900 mah and delivers enough power to deliver over 160 puffs before it is recharge. It has a blue tip signature in order to distinguish when used in public places.

Smokers always tend to like a tobacco flavored cigarettes, and with that, E Rok producing a tobacco flavor e cigarettes that is composed of 3 times original tobacco cartomizers in its most popular strength of 1.6 percent nicotine. As it defines, E cigarettes are basically rechargeable, thus, E Rok provides a 1 USB super rechargeable lead that powers up its battery faster. They also have easy to follow instructions in its every pack.

Rok e-tips also delivers an equivalent of 35 cigarettes that is of course depending on the smoker’s smoking style. Their e cigarettes products are independently ECQO tested and certified. Rok e-liquids is originally made in United Kingdom, with its very own recipes that delivers best taste towards consumers. It is pharmaceutically proven.

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol and Fruit e liquid
  • Fruit and nut e liquid
  • Sweeter e liquid
  • Seasonal and Dessert e liquid


Rok electronic cigarettes are really a good alternative especially in switching pure tobacco smoke that is dangerous for the health to tobacco flavoured electronic smokes that gives satisfaction in each consumers taste buds. Their products are all pharmaceutically tested. They provides life long batteries and accessories together with its e pack.

They also gives lots of e liquids flavors that will surely satisfy each smokers preferences. They also been offering lots of discounts on every consumers. They offered premium quality that is satisfactory, authentic taste that can be a good alternative in for commercial smoking and a great, classy yet satisfactory value to its consumers.

Nicolites Voucher

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Nicolites voucher


Nicolites Voucher-  Nico
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Nicolites Information 

Nicolites is an English company, set up in Birmingham about 6 years prior, which has been relentlessly growing. Interestingly, it has as of late turned into an official accomplice of Birmingham City FC, so you can hope to see their advertising if you take after English football. The most noticeable thing about Nicolites is that their starter unit is extremely fundamental when contrasted with others. Be that as it may, it is likewise shoddy, so this may be suitable for the more cost-cognizant among us. Also today with our Nicolites voucher you can save on your next purchase.

Key Features  

    • Starter Kit Range: £19.95
    • Cartridge Cost: £2.31 each
    • Cartridge Life: Equal to 20 cigarettes
    • Battery Life: 250+ Puffs
    • Charger Options: Wall, USB and Car
    • Discount: N/A
    • Money back assurance: 14 days


For this Review, I purchased the Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, for £19.99, unfortunately then I didn’t have this awesome Nicolites voucher,  which we are providing above.  I would say the cost is reasonable,  however not the least expensive available. It arrives in a little expendable bundle, with no case or box. The unit basically contains:

  • Rechargeable battery x 1
  • Cartomizers x 2
  • USB charger x 1

One thing that amazed me was that the web location is printed down the side of the battery, however it is not the right deliver and leads you to a non-working page, while their genuine page is marginally diverse. I am not certain how this has been missed, but rather was unquestionably something I haven’t experienced some time recently!


I found that the battery life itself was fine – in accordance with other great E-Cigs – yet for me, having a second battery is a gigantic reward, and in the event that I can help it, I regularly go for packs which incorporate two, so you are not left requiring a vape while you are energizing.

Different packs likewise incorporate a divider attachment charger, while with this starter unit, you are somewhat more restricted. You require either to have your computer or tablet convenient, or perhaps charge it in your auto. This unit may suit you in the event that you are frequently around your computer however, or have a more up to date auto with a USB attachment.  Be sure to make use of the Nicolites voucher if its something you are interested in purchasing.


Alright, so something else where Nicolites are somewhat constrained are the flavors, since they just create 3 – tobacco, menthol and cherry. If you like experimenting with new tastes, then consider this before you purchase, yet this won’t be an issue if you are looking predominantly to supplant your tobacco cigarettes. At the cost of the unit, being the same as around 3 packs of ordinary cigarettes nowadays, what you get is sufficient to keep you going for a decent time.

The flavors themselves are entirely however – I attempted the medium-quality tobacco flavor, and it recreated the essence of genuine cigarettes also.

Customer Administration 

Similarly as with alternate brands I have inspected, I needed to test Nicolites’ client administration, so I sent them an email, and it just took a couple of hours for me to get my reaction, which was additionally exceptionally supportive. I can just say from my one involvement with this, I was really fulfilled, with the way Nicolites handles their clients.

Starter Packs 

Nicolites just truly offer the starter unit I have secured in this Review, so it is really clear – if you like the sound of this austere however great quality unit, then it merits having a go – nothing confounded here, and one reason it could be a decent decision to begin is that there is next to no bundling, which means there is almost no in the method for waste if you choose to change to another brand, so it is better for nature which is dependably a reward.


I would prescribe Nicolites if you are totally new to the universe of vaping – they are shoddy, fundamental and exceptionally uncomplicated, while as yet giving you the nuts and bolts that you have to begin vaping. I was somewhat disillusioned by the wrong web address as an afterthought, however I thought the real look of having it printed there was alright.

Ecigwizard Discount Code

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ecigwizard discount code

Ecigwizard Discount Code-  WIZ
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Ecigwizard Information 

The manufacture that supplies EcigWizard electronic cigarettes is a Peterborough organization that offers its items all over Europe and the United Kingdom. The items accessible from this organization incorporate tank based and two-piece vaporizers alongside a few others. They also offer more than 70 e-fluid flavors that give a wide cluster of alternatives to look over.

Considering the way that EcigWizard was established only three years prior, there major in additions are the four starter packs. These incorporate the Vision eGo, the 510, the FreshStart and the Olympian Imist. The least expensive item in this item range is the 510 Starter Bundle that is accessible to purchasers at just £10 and with our limited time EcigWizard discount code you can get it even cheaper.

Packaging and Design

The main thing you’ll notice about this bundle is that they allow users to adapt by providing food as the different tastes that purchasers have to chose from. This is obvious in the different kinds of e-fluid accessible and the different shades of the vaporizers. You can have a dark or silver vaporizer and one of seventy e-fluid flavors.

The unit comes pressed flawlessly in a little and straightforward black box. This is all that much not at all like most other electronic organizations that commit a great deal of vitality to guaranteeing that their items come in cases that seem sharp and rich. Inside the case, you’ll locate a reasonable and snazzy plastic that houses the substance of this group. The substance incorporate the e-cig tank, the battery and the USB charger.

Flavor and Vapor

With regards to the favors, EcigWizard does not leave a stone unturned. With more than 70 alternatives, they have something for everyone paying little heed to your tastes and inclinations. As though this is insufficient, a great number of these flavors are accessible with different nicotine qualities to guarantee that you get precisely what you require and if you use this EcigWizard discount code you can save on your next batch.

We attempted the pack with two jugs of e-fluid. Each of these jugs contained 10ml of ClearChoice. The first had the fantastic tobacco flavor and nicotine quality of 0.6% while the second one had cherry flavor with nicotine quality of 1.6%.

Battery and Responsiveness

With a tank-based gadget, the FreshStart Starter pack has enough space for a bigger battery that has enough ability to convey enough energy to last normal vapers for an entire day before the requirement for reviving comes up.

However, this implies the battery will require a generally more time to completely charge when contrasted with most other e-cigs. It has been appraised at 900mAh. One pitiful thing about this starter unit is that it doesn’t accompany any type of pointer or cautioning light to demonstrate when the battery is going to run unfilled.

To charge the battery, you should first expel the battery from the gadget by unscrewing it. From that point, you can then simply ahead and connect it onto the accessible USB charger. The flip side of the USB connector goes to a USB power supply.

Another tragic thing about this pack is that the USB link doesn’t accompany its own particular force connector that can fit into the mains power supply. Nonetheless, it can in any case work with any bland connector. To turn the gadget on, you need to push down the battery five times. This proves to be useful on the grounds that it avoids events where the e-cigarette goes on inadvertently.

Customer Service

The organization building has a retail shop, a distribution center and some office space. It’s open from Mondays to Fridays somewhere around 9am and 5pm. Amid this time, clients are allowed to contact the organization for any backing.


When all is said in done, the FreshStart starter unit is a pack that is extremely fetched benevolent at a thing of its cost. It accompanies everything you need for vaping and it’s anything but difficult to make a bargain.

Gamucci Discount Code

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gamucci discount code

Gamucci Discount Code-  GUCCI
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Gamucci Information 

 Established by Taz and Umer Sheik, Gamucci was dispatched in 2007 to give smokers an option in the midst of the newly actualized UK restriction on tobacco cigarettes. Much like most of the business, the electronic cigarettes sold by Gamucci are produced and engineered in China. Besides, the e-cig company has embraced the well known two-piece electronic cigarette system, comprising exclusively of a battery and cartomizer.

Much like most of the e-cigarette industry, Gamucci offers a plenitude of flavor and nicotine alternatives. Flavors include: menthol, unique, apple, cherry, cola, espresso, grape and vanilla. An aggregate of 5 nicotine choices are accessible for the first tobacco flavor and range from 22-0mg nicotine. Two rechargeable starter kits are accessible that change drastically in both value and features. The all the more expensive of the two is the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit, which incorporates all things required for a new e-cig client to begin. With a business sector cost of £49.99, this kit incorporates:
(2) rechargeable batteries,
(1) USB battery charger,
(1) mains connector,
(1) European plug,
(1) convey case and
(4) cartomisers.

Battery Performance

Deluxe Starter Kit accompanies two batteries. They’re totally charged so you can use them right away from the container. Every battery has a point of confinement of 240 mAh, and they’re said to have a presence time of around 300+ puffs, taking after a week of testing, amazingly attractive, doesn’t keep going that long, however like other fighting brands.

Battery life will obviously depend on upon your smoking case, yet due to how the Gamucci e-cigarette is intended to look like a certified tobacco cigarette, capacity of it is essentially compelled. For example, a totally charged battery can go you for around a substantial portion of a day, which as I might want to believe is completely sensible.


Gamucci did well on cartridge and battery combo, they prime well and vapor era is tasteful. I would not say the best I have used, on the other hand I most likely seen abundance more awful. The vapor gets passed on reliably, and to me, that is the thing that specifically differentiates an average electronic cigarette from a baffling one.

The batteries flame up when you take in, and cartridge quality was not half horrendous either. They’ve grown a greater determination of flavors, remembering I didn’t endeavor various to judge, various took after your standard wonderful top choices.


Gamucci offers a pleasant arrangement of flavors; Apple, Cherry, Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cola, Coffee, Grape. Flavor is generally an individual choice to make, endeavor them and see what fits you best.

Beside Menthol and Tobacco, each other flavor is available with 1.6% nicotine quality. Menthol is open in 2 qualities, 1.6% and 2.2%, and Tobacco comes in each of the five nicotine qualities.

The flavor that accompanies Micro Deluxe Starter pack is the brand’s Regular Tobacco Flavor, which has nicotine quality of 16 mg-1.6%.


Gamucci is not a common name to many, and being in North America, you didn’t see them available all over, yet I quickly began spotting them on racks as time passed, so I masterminded the pack. I wouldn’t say they forgot about my socks, in any case I was sincerely expecting a lesser-quality e-cigarette than what I got. The vapor transport is on point and reliable, something that is not found with every e-cigarette/cartridge standard gadgets. I can’t say the same for the Vitesse Ego, however do expect a future overview.

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